The Leaf Library are a north London band playing experimental dream-like music built on layers of chiming guitars, pulsing electronics, noise and looping drones. They have released three studio albums (Daylight Versions, About Minerals and The World Is A Bell) as well as a number of electronic and experimental albums and EPs, singles, remix compilations and long form tracks. 

They have released five Monument CDRs; an ongoing series of experimental solo and side projects on their Objects Forever imprint. The band have collaborated with musicians as diverse as The Clientele's Alasdair MacLean, singer Ed Dowie, noise group Far Rainbow, electronic musician Teruyuki Kurihara and the Iskra Strings group, and have provided music for a number of exhibitions, films and installations.

The band formed in the mid 2000s around singer Kate Gibson and ex-Saloon guitarist Matt Ashton. After the departure of their original drummer Rob Smoughton (Hot Chip, Black Peaches) the band (including bass player Gareth Jones of Wintergreen) recruited drummer Lewis Young and guitarist SJ Nelson releasing their debut Daylight Versions (5* - The Guardian) in 2015.

The World Is A Bell was released in 2019 and gained reviews from, amongst others, Uncut ("world-weary yet innocent, blissful dreampop" 8/10), The Quietus ("an expansive and rich listening experience, full of wandering basslines and disorientating rhythms") and Electronic Sound ("brims full of their slowly rolling blend of drone pop... a real pleasure to explore"). Earlier in 2019 they released About Minerals (“could be the only bliss out tape you’ll need this year”, The Quietus), a minimal ambient tape on the Berlin-based Inner Space Travels label.

In their live shows the carefully constructed and occasionally delicate sound world of their records is replaced by a much noisier and intense experience, helped by the addition of vocalist/percussionist Melinda Bronstein, saxophonist Daniel Fordham (The Drink, Steven Adams and the French Drops) and flugelhorn player Laura Copsey of fellow drone pop travellers Firestations.

Associated Leaf Library bands include Beneather (drummer Lewis Young) Sea Glass (guitarist Matt Ashton, Melinda Bronstein and Firestations guitarist Mike Cranny), The Nameless Book (guitarist SJ Nelson), Wintergreen (bassist Gareth Jones), Rushes and Steven Adams & The French Drops (both saxophonist Daniel Fordham), Melinda Bronstein solo and Basic Design (Matt again). 

The Leaf Library