One hour a month of electronic/drone/kosmiche sounds on CAMP Radio

Objects Forever /// 25 September 2020

Tomaga – Reverie For Fragile Plant
Maggi Payne – Gamelan
Ellen Fullman and Theresa Wong – Harbors Part 2
Donald WG Lindsay and Richard Youngs – June
Kate Carr – Pebble Dash Static
ET – Flying Lemur
Kevin Richard Martin – Feedback Cycle 1
Robin Stewart – Pastel Feat. Daniela Dyson
Irena and Vojtech Havlovi – Radek 2
Portland Vows – Spectacular Items
Anrimeal – Death
C. Diab – Cubensia Yellow Fire
Insides – Ghost Music
Masayoshi Fujita and Jan Jelinek – Helio
KMRU – Well
Autotelia – First Flight
Lankum – Ode To Lullaby

Objects Forever /// 28 August 2020

Lauren Doss – Voices6
Hanne Lippard – Work
Loraine James – Ahh
Solo1 – Azzuri Ilta Sorella
Gavilán Rayna Russom – Envoy
Golem Mecanique – Face A
Gnod & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Água
Land Trance – A Raft
Forest Management – Blue Leaves
Agathe Max and Natalia Beyliss – She Took Her Girdle And Bound One End Of It Round The Butterfly
Echium – Overlapped Fluidity
Angèle David-Guillou – Too Much Violence
The Leaf Library – Falling Coda
Acronym and Kali Malone – Call From The Tower
Teruyuki Kurihara – Glide
Stacey Juritz Ravens Keller – Ehrfurcht (Galina Juritz remix)
African Ghost Valley – Ardyo Jar
Hanne Lippard – Futurum
Shida Shahabi – Petula

Objects Forever /// 31 July 2020

ADRA – Untitled (Acoustic Baritone Guitar/Love)
Mecánica Clásica – Vientos Eléctricos Hienden
Tomaga – Ersangerkreig
Ellen Fullman – Memory Of A Big Room (For Matthew)
Galya Bisengalieva – Zohra
Iku Sakan – Circulation
IHHH – When Life Was Awakening In The Depths Of Obscure Matter
Quimper – Dejado
Lamin Fofana – I Ran From It And Was Still In It
Imaginary Softwoods – The Assemblage Point
Ben Vida – Reducing The Tempo To Zero (Part 1)
Hilary Woods – Cleansing Ritual
Gnod & João Pais Filipe – Faca De Terra
JOYFULTALK – Part 1 – I’ve Got That Trans-Dimensional Feeling Again
The Leaf Library – Metosia Delta
France Jobin – Prophet10
CS + Kreme – Pussywhistle Tea
The Silver Field – Dry Light